BE IT RESOLVED, that the following millage(s) are hereby levied on the 2022 tax roll on all property subject to taxation by the Village of Harrisonburg                                                                                     MILLAGE           GENERAL ALIMONY                       7.33 mills                         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proper administrative officials of the Parish of Catahoula, State of Louisiana, be and they are hereby empowered, authorized, and directed to spread said taxes,Continue Reading

PROCEEDINGS OF A PUBLIC HEARING OF THE MAYOR AND BOARD OF ALDERMEN OF THE VILLAGE OF HARRISONBURG, STATE OF LOUISIANA, HELD ON MONDAY, MAY 9, 2022.A public hearing was held by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Village of Harrisonburg, State of Louisiana (the “Governing Authority”), at its regular meeting place, the Town Hall, 108 Sicily Street, Harrisonburg, Louisiana, on Monday, May 9,Continue Reading

The following resolution was offered by Cotten and seconded by Watson. RESOLUTION A resolution making application to the State Bond Commission for authority to issue Taxable Water Revenue Bonds of the Village of Harrisonburg, State Louisiana, in an amount not to exceed Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($3,500,000) for the purpose of paying a portion of the costs of constructing and acquiring improvements, extensions,Continue Reading

RESOLUTION DECLARING SURPLUS ITEMS FOR PUBLIC BID WHEREAS, the Village of Harrisonburg Council must authorize the disposal of any surplus property that as an item or group of items has a fair market value of greater than $5,000, and, WHEREAS, the Board of Alderman of the Village of Harrisonburg, Louisiana desires to declare surplus and dispose of certain Town-owned property, and, WHEREAS, the Town-owned propertyContinue Reading

The following resolution was offered by Cotten and seconded by Watson:                                                                                                       RESOLUTION #     20220314A     A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE APPOINTMENT OF A DIRECTOR AND AN ALTERNATE DIRECTOR TO REPRESENT THE         Village of Harrisonburg       , STATE OF LOUISIANA, ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE LOUISIANA MUNICIPAL NATURAL GAS PURCHASING AND DISTRIBUTION AUTHORITY AS PROVIDED BY CHAPTER 10-B OF TITLE 33 OF THE LOUISIANA REVISEDContinue Reading