EMPLOYEE BENEFITS POLICYFull time employees of the Village of Harrisonburg whom have accounted an average of 36 hours per week are eligible to participate in employee benefits.  HOLIDAY PAYHOLIDAYSFull time town employees will be given 13 paid holidays per year. If a major holiday falls on Saturday the Friday becomes the holiday.  If a holiday falls on Sunday, then the following Monday becomes the holiday.Continue Reading

UTILITIES POLICY & PROCEDURESECTION: UTILITY BILLINGDATE: May 16th, 2024Authorized by: Town Council I.             Purpose of the ProcedureTo establish a procedure for utility collections, disconnection of delinquent accounts, and define the reconnect procedures. II.            Procedure StatementTo outline the utility collections process and procedures to be taken by utility office and maintenance staff when locking and unlocking meters.   III.           ProcedureA. Utility timeline andContinue Reading

Cross-Connection Control Program Policy Introduction This Policy addresses the State of Louisiana Sanitary Code (LAC Title 51: XII & Title 17:I) that states a public water system shall have no uncontrolled cross-connections to a pipe, fixture, or supply, any of which contain water not meeting provisions of the safe drinking water regulations. A cross-connection is any point in a water distribution system where chemical, biological,Continue Reading