Policy and Procedures » 106 Ethics Policy

The town requires annual certification certificates from the State of Louisiana from council members and employees attesting to completion of the ethics online training.
The town does not participate in any transactions with its employees, council members, or their immediate families.
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Enforcement and Penalties

The mayor or council have a responsibility to report possible Code violations to the Board. LRS 42:1161A

Penalties (1) The Board has the authority to censure an elected official or other person within its jurisdiction and to impose a fine of not more than $10,000 per violation; it does not have the authority to remove an elected official from office. LRS 42:1153A

The Board has the authority to remove, suspend, reduce the pay or demote a public employee or other person and to impose a fine of not more than $10,000 per violation. R.S 42:1153B

The Board has the authority to impose restrictions in a former public servant to prevent appearance before his former agency and to prohibit the negotiation for or entering into business relationships with his former agency. LRS 42:1151B

The Board has the authority to rescind contracts, permits and licenses, without contractual liability to the public, whenever the Board finds that a violation has influenced the making of such contract, permit or license, and that such decision is in the best interest of the public. LRS 42:1152

The Board may order the payment of penalties if an investigation reveals that any public servant or other person has violated the Code to his economic advantage and penalties can include the amount of such economic advantage plus one half. LRS 42:1155A

The Board is authorized to order the forfeiture of any gifts or payments made in violation of the Code LRS 42:1155B.