Policy and Procedures » 112 Fuel Policy

Fuel Policy and Procedures

Management is to implement and monitor controls over fuel (gasoline and diesel) to ensure that purchases and usage is reasonable, authorized, and that only municipality-owned vehicles and equipment are receiving the fuel.  Managements’ failure to ensure that employees complete and maintain accurate records places the municipality at a significant risk of the unauthorized use or theft of the municipality’s fuel supplies. Personal use or theft of fuel will result in automatic termination and possible legal action.

 Credit Card Purchases

The department heads are to maintain an accurate listing of all fuelman credit cards.

The department heads are to periodically conduct an inventory of all cards and any lost or stolen cards are to be terminated immediately.

Credit Cards

  1. Each month, each department heads is to reconcile/agree the credit card receipts (turned in by employees) to the vendor’s monthly statement. 
  2. The monthly vendor statements are to be carefully reviewed for completeness (e.g., odometer readings) and any unusual activity (e.g. more than one purchase on the same day, purchase made on a weekend, etc.) and immediately report any exceptions or concerns to the town clerk and mayor.