Policy and Procedures » 113 Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Policy

Traffic tickets/citations represent an asset of the town as the fines assessed for violations are a source of revenue for the town.  The Chief of Police is to comply with all state laws applicable to traffic tickets and implement controls that do the following:

1.   Safeguard the supply/inventory of blank ticket books 

Ticket books that contain four-part citation forms are to be purchased [Louisiana Revised Statute (R.S.) 32:398.1(A)] and kept under lock.  A written record/log is to be maintained of the ticket book supply/inventory.  Access to the ticket books is to be restricted to the police chief and designee.  These are stored in the town hall under lock.

2.   Ensure that ticket books are issued only after the previously issued book has been returned

The police chief (or designee) is to issue the ticket books in numerical sequence and ticket books

are to be issued to an officer only after the previously issued book has been accounted for and all

issued citations (and any voids) have been received from the officer.  A written record/log is to

be maintained of ticket books issued to police officers and is to contain the following:

  • The beginning and ending ticket numbers in the ticket book
  • The dates the ticket book was issued and returned
  • The name and signature of the police officer receiving the ticket book
  • The signature of the person issuing the ticket book
  • Ensure that issued citations are turned in by police officers on a timely basis for processing and collection. 

    Police officers are strictly prohibited from collecting fines/monies of the town. 

Hand written tickets are still utilized.  Those tickets are then entered manually at the police department.

A database is then prepared in MSWord with pertinent information and status at the time of court. 

  •  Ensure that upon termination, police officers return ticket books to the police chief and account for all tickets showing as being in their possession.

5.  Account for the numerical sequence of all citations issued (e.g., received payment, dismissed, bench warrant issued, etc.) of those citations.

Accounting for tickets/citations is important to ensure (1) fines are collected or appropriate action is taken for nonpayment; (2) fines are not misappropriated; and (3) management is complying with Louisiana laws. Also, without an accounting of the numerical sequence of all tickets, there is no way to determine whether citations were issued, lost, or voided.

Paid tickets are summarized by violation type and fees submitted through accounts payable by month.

6.  Ensure that all traffic violations, except parking violations, are reported to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety no later than 30 days after the date of the person’s conviction and sentencing or the final disposition of the case as required by law [R.S. 32:393C(1)(b)]