The mayor and town council of the Village of Harrisonburg met in Session on Wednesday, March 22th, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. at the Village of Harrisonburg Town Hall. Council Members Present:  Mayor Michael Tubre, Judy Cotten and Blake Barbo. There being a quorum present, the mayor called the meeting to order. On a motion by Council Member Cotten, seconded by Council Member Barbo, with allContinue Reading

The 2022 Fort Beauregard Festival will feature Civil War battle reenactments and live entertainment in downtown Harrisonburg and at the Ft. Beauregard Historical Park Amphitheater. The event will kick off with a parade along Bushley Street Saturday morning, followed by a skirmish in town. Musicians and dance troupes will be on the stage starting at 11 with a battle on Fort Hill that afternoon and a river crossing Saturday evening at the oldContinue Reading

Fort Beauregard Reenactment

2021 Re-Enactment Schedule: February 26th to the 28th of 2021. Check our community events page as this event nears for detailed information. Fort Beauregard, located half a mile north of the village of Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, was one of four Confederate forts guarding the Ouachita River during the American Civil War. In 1863, four Union gunboats attacked it, unsuccessfully.   Built: 1862 Reading

Beginning February 25th through February 27th 2022 Civil War battle reenactors from the 5th Volunteer infantry come to Harrisonburg, La, to reenact the Battle of Fort Beauregard. The festival includes authentic Civil War camps of both the Union and Confederate armies. These camps are open to the public. A downtown parade and a skirmish leading to fort hill where soldiers will reenact the Battle of FortContinue Reading