20230424 HARRISONBURG SPECIAL TOWN MEETING The mayor and town council of the Village of Harrisonburg met in special session on Monday, April 24th, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. at the Village of Harrisonburg Town Hall. Council Members Present:  Mayor Michael Tubre, Council members: Greg Terry, Blake Barbo and Judy Cotten. There being a quorum present, the mayor called the special meeting to order. Council member BarboContinue Reading

A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CONSTRUCTION OF A BALLFIELD WHEREAS, The Village of Harrisonburg desires to promote recreational activities within the community; and WHEREAS,Harrisonburg Sports Association, LLC wishes to construct a universal ballfield at the Harrisonburg Walking Trail for use by the community for games, practices and as otherwise needed; and WHEREAS, the costs of construction of the ballfield shall be borne by, White’s T &Continue Reading

Phase 1 of Vision and Action Plan

Project No.: FY 2021 LCDBG-CV LLO Program #2000705192 Village of Harrisonburg Island (herein referred to as the “Owner”) Sealed bids marked “Sealed Bid” – Village of Harrisonburg, Louisiana, Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (LCDBG-CV) project for Fiscal Year 2021 to be financed by the State of Louisiana CDBG Program will be received by the Owner for the construction of the project described as follows:Continue Reading

Phase 1 of Vision and Action Plan

(Phase 1 of Harrisonburg Vision and Action Plan / Steamboat Park) The Village of Harrisonburg announces a Public Review & Comment Period for Steamboat Park. The Village has applied for $300,000 of Federal assistance from the Land and Water Conservation Fund Program (LWCF) to develop a community park. The Village requests all interested persons and organizations to review and provide comments concerning the Cultural Resources SurveyContinue Reading

Village of Harrisonburg – Enterprise Water Consolidation Project Financing for the Harrisonburg Water System Improvement Plan has been been made possible with funding from LCDBG, EPA/LCDBG and the $200,000 water bond recently approved through Catahoula Bank to the Village of Harrisonburg. Harrisonburg has also applied for approximately $2,680,000 through the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund. These funds would be usedContinue Reading